Movies with Music 9: Tis is The End!!!!!! Greatest Movie Ever!!!!!!!!!


I know i missed yesterday but i was flying all day coming back home. But here’s the trailer for the greatest movie that will ever come out! A movie with Huge celebs playing themselves at the end of the world! A party at James Francos house  with guests like Seth Rogen, Emma Watson,Jonah Hill,Micheal Cera and more turns into the END OF DAYS! I cant explain how awesome this movie will be just watch the trailer!

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Movies with Music 8: Saftey Not Guaranteed! Krewellas Music!


Tis is a movie that came out underneath the radar! So today i thought i would share a movie you can see right away. Heres a movie about a may or may not psycho who puts a ad in the paper to time travel! P.S bring your own weapons!

Heres a band that i love! Krewella!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Movies with Music 7: Jason Statham Kicking Ass & Taking Names

like a boss

I figured id change it up, so sundays are now LIKE A BOSS day! Every sunday im gonna bring a video that embodies Chuck Norris! this video is all about Jason Statham Kicking Ass & Taking Names! well enjoy!

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Movies with Music 6: Knights of Badassdom! Must see! and get pumped here comes the BOOM!


This may be the greatest nerd movie to come out, whyll Larping nerds summon a real monster! This pack of nerds joined by Summer Glau must burn down the kingdom making this movie Hot Hot Hot! You must man up or shut up to defend your kingdom whyll trying not to laugh your ass off!

Here Comes the BOOM!!!

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Movies with Music 5: 21 and over Blackjack! Party Rock Anthem


What do Justin Cho from twilight, Miles Teller from footloose, and Skylar Astin from pitch perfect have in common? There all over 21! Blackjack! Could anything be better than finally telling all bouncers to go screw themselves cause your legally 21?!

Heres a Jam to get your party on! LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem!

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Movies with Music 4: After Earth Trailer and a celebration to the end of the world!


This is a father son duo that you have to see! After Earth is about the crash landing of the Fresh Prince Will Smith and his son The Karate Kid Jaden Smith. As you watch this trailer think about who you would want to be stranded with in a dangerous post apocaliptic world!

“Fear is not real, it is a product of thoughts you created, but do not misunderstand me danger is very real! but fear is a choice!”

Since this was a apocaliptic themed post i thought id share R.E.M- It’s The End Of The World to celebrate!

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Movies with Music 3


Mortal Instruments: “City of bones” is the first in a 6 part novel series and is a story of a girl played by Lilly Collins who discovers she is half Angel and is meant to defend the world from all the monsters in your scariest of stories! the trailer looks great with a production budget of $60 million they make true movie magic!

Here’s a song To remind you how great a movie soundtrack can be! from I am Number 4 here’s Civil Twilight with “Letters from the sky”


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Movies with Music 2


This trailer is full of magic and comedy with a power house cast! “Now You See Me”

Now tell me magic doesnt exsist

Heres a Song about Magic preformed by BoB ft. Rivers Cuomo

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Movies with Music 1


Heres “Pacific Rim” a movie about Giant robots controlled by humans to fight modern day Godzilla! sounds like power rangers to me HaHa!

Heres a classic! Gwen Sefani locked in a golden cage in “Sweet Escape” now a days Gwen is back with her orignal band No Doubt!

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